About Us

First Priority of Greater Decatur 

Our goal is to bring the local Body of Christ together to reach the school campus for Christ. We accomplish this by:

  • Uniting the Body of Christ in prayer, relationships, resources and strategy.
  • Serving student leaders, adults who support them and the local church.
  • Empowering students to carry out the Great Commission on their campus.
Our Target

Every elementary, middle and high school in Morgan and Lawrence Counties.

First Priority of Greater Decatur

Works in our community as a strategic partnership of churches, ministers, business people, educators, parents, and students who are concerned about the moral and spiritual well being of teenagers in the Greater Decatur area. In short, First Priority is the people of God uniting together to make a positive impact in the lives of this generation.


Is it free to be a member of a First Priority club?

Yes, it’s free! There are no dues required to attend a club meeting.

What are First Priority clubs?

First Priority campus clubs meet weekly on campus during non-curriculum time. They are student-initiated and student-led. Students hold one another accountable, are challenged to live out their faith, share their personal stories and bring their friends to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who can attend a First Priority club?

First Priority is for every student on every campus.

Is First Priority affiliated with a particular denomination?

First Priority is multi-denominational. We believe that the Body of Christ should work as a city of believers united in prayer, passion and purpose for our students.

I just graduated high school and want to stay involved. What should I do?

The greatest thing you can do as a graduate is return and invest in First Priority clubs and students.  Check out the Get Involved section to find out more!

Does First Priority staff make recommendations to kids about which church to attend?

First Priority is an extension of the local church. We encourage all students to be active in their local church.  If a student is not affiliated with a local church, we help students choose a church where they feel comfortable and that will help them grow to spiritual maturity.

Does my child have to be a Christian or believe in God to attend First Priority?

No. First Priority is for everyone.

Is First Priority’s involvement in schools compliant with the First Amendment?

Yes.  We operate under the Equal Access Act which guarantees the students’ Constitutional right to have “Religious” or Christian clubs on their public secondary school campuses.

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